The situation in Canada is changing rapidly and for many of you, activities have been postponed that you looked forward to in your daily routine  – such as support groups, exercise and dance classes, boxing, art, and so much more – while we cannot replace these events, we will strive to keep you informed and active – bookmark this page and visit often.  Questions or suggestions? Contact

See our resources page for more information about Parkinson’s Disease.

Parkinson Canada programming, in-person activities and COVID-19 Vaccine Policy update.

For more details on symptoms, social distancing and other updates, visit the Government of Canada website.

Medications and vaccinations

  • Check your medications. Take inventory. Contact your pharmacist to refill prescriptions that are running low. Many pharmacies offer a delivery service. Be sure to request refills ahead of time to ensure sufficient time for delivery.
  • Vaccinations: Find more information on the vaccine roll out plan for Canada and a tool to easily search for information specific to your province or territory. We also have a short FAQ on COVID-19 and Parkinson’s.
  • Talk to your doctor about the pneumonia vaccine. Seniors (60+) are most at risk to develop COVID-19 symptoms that can lead to the development of pneumonia.
  • Review Parkinson Canada’s ACT on Time™ program and resources in the event you need to educate a health care professional about your Parkinson’s needs. If you become hospitalized, refer to the resource about Managing Parkinson’s Disease in Healthcare Settings
  • Depression and anxiety are normal symptoms for people with Parkinson’s. Read our information sheet about Coping with Depression and Anxiety
  • Keep your Health Card handy. Keep it with you at all times.
  • Questions about Parkinson’s disease? Contact our Information and Referral line.

Be active



  • (video) : Dance for PD™
    Archived exercise classes through music and movement from a range of dance styles


Resources for care partners