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Find information and support to help you deal with various challenges that you may encounter on your Parkinson’s journey.

Act on Time

ACT on Time

To stop Parkinson's from getting out of control, people with Parkinson's need their medication on time -- every time.

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Support groups

Support groups offer a safe environment for talking about your experiences, enhancing your ability to cope with the daily challenges of Parkinson’s. Find out about our vast network of support groups for people living with Parkinson’s, caregivers and family members.

You and your family may also benefit from other programs such as exercise classes and educational opportunities.

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The support and education our family receives from Parkinson Canada makes the difference between helplessness and hope.
Tammy T., diagnosed at age 32
Act on Time

Canadian Guideline for Parkinson Disease

Get information on best practices to guide you in the diagnosis, treatment and management of Parkinson's disease.

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