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Photo of Jeannine Alain, Saskatoon Parkinson's support group facilitator

Parkinson Canada hosts local support groups in your community to provide mutual support from other people living with Parkinson’s Disease. Support groups offer a safe environment for talking about your experiences, enhancing your ability to cope with the daily challenges of Parkinson’s.

Some groups are subject specific (young onset, newly diagnosed and care partners as examples) while others are more general. All are designed to provide a safe, comfortable place for people to connect and share with each other on how to live well with Parkinson’s.

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Jeannine’s Story

I was fortunate that my neurologist gave me two positive items of information at diagnosis: Saskatoon has a monthly support group meeting and a good exercise program for Parkinson’s. Being a social beast by nature, I joined both right away and have greatly benefitted both physically and mentally. Being able to meet people from so many walks of life to discuss this disease we have in common is so good for me. We don’t feel sorry for each other; we understand each other’s circumstances and it strengthens our bond – and physically strengthens our minds and bodies, I believe.

—Jeannine Alain, diagnosed with Parkinson’s at age 56. She has been involved with support groups ever since and is now a support group facilitator in Saskatoon.

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