Parkinson Canada is a founding partner, investing and collaborating with leading researchers from across Canada to create the Canadian Open Parkinson Network (C-OPN).

This is a large-scale, national research network that will dramatically enhance our capacity to uncover the answers and with the goal to deliver personalized treatments and services that improve lives. Nine of Canada’s top universities and movement disorders research centres from British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec have committed to building the Canadian Open Parkinson Network. The Network collects de-identified clinical data with comprehensive information about each participant’s family history, lifestyle, and environment, along with details of their Parkinson’s symptoms and medications; test results, including cognitive and motor information; and a biobank with biomaterials extracted from blood samples, including DNA. Read the full news release here.
  • promote and facilitate multi-centric and multidisciplinary research in Parkinson’s disease and related disorders
  • pool datasets to better understand pathophysiology
  • increase opportunity and participation in clinical trials
  • contribute to the development of new treatments
  • optimize translational research to clinicians and caregivers more rapidly
  • improve prevention and treatment strategies and accelerate the discovery of a cure

C-OPN Sites (Phase 1):
University of Calgary
Dr. Oury Monchi Principal Investigator, Director Dr. David Park Co-Principal Investigator
University of Alberta
Dr. Richard Camicioli Co-Principal Investigator
University of British Columbia, Vancouver
Dr. Jon Stoessl Co-Principal Investigator Dr. Martin McKeown Co-Principal Investigator
McGill University
Dr. Edward Fon Co-Director C-OPN Director, Quebec Parkinson Network Dr. Guy Rouleau Co-Principal Investigator
Laval University
Dr. Nicolas Dupré Co-Principal Investigator
University of Montreal
Dr. Michel Panniset
University of Toronto (UHN)
Dr. Antonio Strafella Co-Principal Investigator
University of Ottawa
Dr. David Grimes Co-Principal Investigator
Parkinson Canada
Julie Wysocki Director, Research Program research@parkinson.ca
Canadian Open Parkinson Network
Catherine Normandeau National Manager catherine.normandeau@ucalgary.ca Iris Kathol Western Manager ikathol@ucalgary.ca Clotilde Degroot Eastern Manager clotilde.degroot@mcgill.ca