Find Your Swagger

Our mission is unwavering: to reclaim the narrative of living with Parkinson’s.
To inject vibrance where others see only stillness.

Together, we can embrace every movement into a symbol of style and confidence. Each sway and stutter-step transforming Parkinson’s into a unique swagger.

Across our programs and services, research program and advocacy work, 2023 was a big year with big impact — only possible thanks to Parkinson Canada’s generous donors, partners and volunteers.
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Become an active part in making Parkinson's a priority. Shape future programs and services for people living with Parkinson's.

Help Canadians living with Parkinson's live well

At times, you may need help. But you can also give help. Your gift will help someone find the strength they need to face Parkinson's. And they will be facing it with you. There is strength in numbers, there is hope in research, and there is support all around you.

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