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Parkinson Canada National Advocacy Webinar

This free webinar will discuss key findings from the roundtable series, as well as outline Parkinson Canada's next steps and recommendations. Speakers will include Parkinson Canada staff members and community leaders with lived experience. Following the presentations there will be a Q&A portion.

Saliva and Swallowing Challenges

This webinar sponsored by Merz Therapeutics will feature Dr. Ianessa Humbert, PhD, who will be joining Parkinson Canada on Friday, December 9 to share her…

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Emerging Therapies: Focused Ultrasound Therapy and Stem Cell Therapy

Our latest webinar, Emerging Therapies: Focused Ultrasound Therapy and Stem Cell Therapy, was held on . We were thrilled to be joined by Dr. Lorraine Kalia, MD, PhD, FRCPC and Dr. Suneil Kalia, MD, PhD, FRCPC.

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