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New guide to help you live well with Parkinson’s: Every Victory Counts®


Exclusive Announcement: Parkinson Canada is proud to partner with the Davis Phinney Foundation to bring Every Victory Counts® Sixth Edition to Canadians affected by Parkinson’s. Sign up to be the first to get your free copy.

More than 100,000 Canadians live with Parkinson’s. It’s important that people living with this chronic disease have access to information and strategies to help them navigate their journey.

Parkinson Canada has partnered with the Davis Phinney Foundation to publish their latest edition of Every Victory Counts® for Canadians affected by Parkinson’s. This edition will include Canadian specific statistics, reference to medications approved by Health Canada, information on long-term care, legal and financial planning as it pertains to Canadians, and more!

People living with Parkinson’s, their care partners and families, and friends of those living with Parkinson’s want reliable and practical information that will help them improve their quality of life today and every day. The Every Victory Counts® manual is the gold-standard resource to help you live well with Parkinson’s and achieve your wellness goals.

With contributions by 50 leading Parkinson’s physicians, allied health professionals, and people living with Parkinson’s, this comprehensive resource provides you the tools for understanding Parkinson’s and taking control of your future. We’re in this together. No Matter What.

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Who it’s for

If you’re newly diagnosed or have been living with Parkinson’s for some time, this resource is for you. It can also be a helpful guide for care partners and those who know someone close to them with Parkinson’s.

What’s inside

  • Essential information about Parkinson’s plus dozens of topics that are frequently overlooked but critical to helping you live well.
  • Insights from over 60 Parkinson’s guides, physicians, therapists, and scientists who share cutting-edge research, strategies, and ideas for living well with Parkinson’s.
  • In-depth information about exercise, nutrition, emotional health, medication, therapies, and more.

When and how can I get it

The latest edition of Every Victory Counts® just launched in the U.S. We are excited to provide you your free copy of the Canadian version in early 2022. Make sure you’re on our waitlist for your very own copy by filling out the information below. Once we launch, you’ll receive your copy.

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In the meantime, we want you to know, you are not alone. We are here for you. We understand that Parkinson’s is unique to each person – no two people have the same journey. Below are links to more information and resources to help you learn about Parkinson’s and tools to navigate the various challenges that you may encounter on your Parkinson’s journey.

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