2020 Gratitude Report

Thank you – You made incredible things happen in 2020


Our gratitude report is dedicated to you and the impact you’ve made

In the face of a global pandemic that has separated many of us from our physical, mental, emotional, and financial supports, you still stepped up and stood with us in the fight against Parkinson’s. Our newly-released gratitude report is dedicated to sharing the impact you made by staying resilient, sharing your experience, and leaning on each other.

12 incredible highlights you made possible

Here are 12 incredible things from the report that you made happen. You can visit the full gratitude report for more.

You helped shape what supports are available to Canadians living with Parkinson’s

  1. 5,430 calls received for Information and Referral
  2. 10,000 views of 56 online exercises classes

You stood with your community

  1. 65 phone or virtual support groups during COVID-19, or 1,180 hours of support
  2. 82,000 views of online webinars
  3. 1,387 downloads of our You Are Not Alone e-book
  4. $1,600,000 raised through events
  5. 1,100 Walks-in-a-Box distributed
  6. $200,000 raised through Pedaling with Parkinson’s by 200 Riders in Pods and Go the Distance
  7. Nearly $100,000 raised by Team Boxing4Health, a new record for Parkinson Canada SuperWalk

You fueled advances in Parkinson’s research

  1. 20 new research projects in 2020 (see our 2020-2022 research cycle projects)
  2. Over $1,000,000 committed to new research projects
  3. $1,600,000 in total research investment, including C-OPN

Visit our 2020 gratitude report

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