Meet ‘The Spark’, the new international symbol of Parkinson’s awareness


PD AvengersLightening bolt "spark", along with over 80 other Parkinson’s organizations, have spearheaded the emergence of a logo that will serve as the symbol of awareness for Parkinson’s Disease on the global stage. Premiering on World Parkinson’s Day, April 11th, the logo (aptly named “The Spark”) is planned to make a worldwide appearance as those who are touched by Parkinson’s are encouraged to share The Spark and their support for their Parkinson’s community.

The Spark, giving Parkinson’s communities all over the world a chance to share a truly unified voice, amplifies our own individual and collective voices to create a bigger impact year after year, and ultimately create positive change for people impacted by Parkinson’s. 

While we will continue to sport the traditional red tulip throughout our organization, Parkinson Canada will show support for The Spark on World Parkinson’s Day across our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.  

Why a spark?

Dopamine – which our brains use to create muscle movement, feel pleasure and motivation, and plays a key role in the development of Parkinson’s – served as a source of inspiration for the imagery. Coupled with a double-meaning of igniting a movement of change within the Parkinson’s community and around the world, a spark encapsulates what Parkinson’s organizations are committed to creating every single day. 

The care invested in the creation of The Spark speaks volumes about how much Parkinson’s organizations all over the globe value one another and the shared goals to improve the lives of people living with Parkinson’s. In its deployment, tag lines were translated into more than 30 languages. 

The team behind this movement has not only made a symbol and message fit for a global initiative, they also honour how Parkinson’s impacts every person uniquely. The Spark gives way to personal expression as it can be transformed by adding illustrations showcasing exactly what Parkinson’s means to a person or organization. 

As the fastest growing neurological disease, the way it impacts people varies greatly from person to person, and from stage to stage. The illustrations added to The Spark provide an artistic outlet for people touched by Parkinson’s to express what it – and World Parkinson’s Day – means to them. Learn more at  

We’re working hard every day of the year to be your #PartnersInParkinsons. That means we’re here for you always, helping you wherever you find yourself in your journey with Parkinson’s. Today, for World Parkinson’s Day, will you tell us about a moment the Parkinson Canada community helped you? 

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