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With deep gratitude


My name is Manon. I recently wrote an email that was sent to everyone who is subscribed to receive emails from Parkinson Canada. Because not everybody is signed up to receive these emails, I’m sharing my message of gratitude as a blog post here, too.

I am grateful to you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for supporting Parkinson Canada.

When I tell people that I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at age 27, I watch their faces as they process how young that is. But the truth is, I started developing symptoms at age 17. I’ve been living with Parkinson’s my entire adult life.

And throughout my entire journey, Parkinson Canada has been there for me, helping me with the tools I need to maintain a life where I can still do the things I love. For me, that means it’s still possible to cook and take long walks by the water – both are activities which bring me great joy and allow me to maintain my independence.

Again, thank you.

Thank you for being somebody that Parkinson Canada can count on. Somebody that I can count on. This organization relies on the generous donations from everyday Canadians just like you to offer programs and services that help us live better lives and explore all that is still possible for us.

When I was first diagnosed, I felt so alone.

I was scared.

I didn’t know where to turn. And then I found Parkinson Canada.

Give now

Thanks to your support, Parkinson Canada found me. They are there for me, and for the other 100,000 people in this country living with Parkinson’s. Because of you, resources such as webinars, trainings and support groups are made available to us. Your support ensures we’re able to access educational tools and resources that make our lives better. Because of you, so much is still possible. Please give.

I have so much gratitude for you.


Manon Day
Diagnosed with Parkinson’s at age 27

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