Uniting hearts and pedals at the Growling Beaver Brevet

Uniting hearts and pedals at the Growling Beaver Brevet


Nestled in the scenic Beaver Valley, an extraordinary event unfolds each year. Merging a passion for cycling with a dedication to a noble cause. The Growling Beaver Brevet is an annual fundraising ride for Parkinson’s disease, giving hope and purpose to people like Jeff Parr. 

For eight years, Jeff has been an integral part of the Growling Beaver Brevet. Not only as an eager participant but also as a volunteer on the organizing committee and an event sponsor. The event’s mission holds deep significance for Jeff and his family, as they have been touched by the challenges of Parkinson’s firsthand. Jeff’s father-in-law, Robert Alexander, an ophthalmologist, and exceptionally skilled woodworker, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in his late 60s. Though Robert’s journey came to an end several years ago, his memory continues to inspire Jeff’s unwavering commitment to making a difference for those touched by Parkinson’s. 

The Growling Beaver Brevet is more than a cycling event; it is a lifeline of hope and beacon of support for those affected by Parkinson’s. The event serves not only to raise essential funds for Parkinson Canada’s critical research endeavors but also to provide crucial support systems for individuals living with Parkinson’s.  

As Jeff recounts “I truly believe in the importance of events like Growling Beaver. I watched my father-in-law struggle to navigate the system and get the support he needed. Fundraising from Growling Beaver is helping to fund a cure, but is also helping to bridge the vital support gaps that people living with Parkinson’s face. We’re making a huge positive impact in peoples lives.” 

In recent years, funding from events like Growling Beaver has helped to create critical resources such as Every Victory Counts®, providing key information and support to people affected by Parkinson’s. 

The beauty of the Growling Beaver Brevet lies in its inclusivity, offering courses for every level of cyclist – from a challenging 200km route to a picturesque and meandering 40km ride, and everything in between. Yet, what truly sets this ride apart is the participation of individuals with Parkinson’s. As Jeff says, “It’s a great opportunity to connect with other people with Parkinson’s or touched by it. There is an incredible sense of community throughout the whole journey. You meet a lot of people on the ride and there is a great sense of victory, with a wonderful celebration afterwards.” 

It isn’t too late to register and start fundraising! Growling Beaver Brevet will take place this year on September 30. As Jeff concludes “It’s really something magical to be part of, I encourage everyone to sign up or volunteer, every person matters.” 

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