Sept 12 at 11AM ET: Larry Gifford hosts SuperWalk Opening Ceremony



Larry Gifford hosts the podcast “When Life Gives You Parkinson’s” which details his journey with the disease as a guy in his mid-40’s with a family and a career. He was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease in August 2017. The show was named “Best Podcast” by RTDNA West Region in 2020 and listed on the “Best of 2018” playlist by Apple Podcasts.

He’s also your host for the 2020 National Opening Ceremony hosted Live on Facebook (and on on Saturday, September 12 at 11AM ET.

“I am thrilled to be working with the Parkinson Canada team on my podcast, and as part of the walk. It is extremely important that Canadians have equity of access to information, movement disorder specialists, informed GPs, early diagnosis, medications, treatments, and wellness activities. Parkinson Canada works tirelessly to get us closer to that reality each day. By partnering with the podcast they are also raising the voices of people with Parkinson’s. The more we tell our stories, the more it drives awareness of PD, which is need for funding research and ultimately finding a way to stop PD in its tracks. No matter what. That’s why I walk.

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