Summer activities for living well with Parkinson's

Summer activities for living well with Parkinson’s


As the sun shines and the temperatures rise, it’s time to embrace the spirit of summer and discover new activities that bring joy and improved well-being. From outdoor adventures to creative pursuits, let’s celebrate the season and make the most of summer together. 

Explore the great outdoors

Take leisurely walks in nature to immerse yourself in the beauty of the natural world. Discover local parks, botanical gardens and let the wonders of the great outdoors inspire your summer. It’s a chance to exercise your body while finding peace and connection with nature. 

Unleash your green thumb

Get your hands dirty and create your own garden oasis. Gardening is a rewarding and therapeutic activity that allows you to connect with nature and nurture plants. From growing flowers and herbs, gardening provides a sense of purpose, accomplishment and even a source of fresh produce. 

Cool off in the water

Beat the summer heat and have fun in the water with activities suitable for individuals with Parkinson’s. Try swimming, water aerobics, or aqua therapy for low-impact exercises that improve strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health.  

Express yourself through art

Unleash your creativity and engage in activities that spark your imagination. Whether it’s painting, drawing, pottery, or crafts, art offers an expressive outlet. Look for art classes or workshops designed for individuals with Parkinson’s, where you can connect with others and explore your artistic potential. 

Find balance with outdoor tai chi

Experience the harmony of mind and body through outdoor tai chi. These gentle movements promote relaxation, balance and flexibility. Look for outdoor tai chi classes in parks or tranquil settings where you can enjoy nature while practicing mindfulness. 

Connect with others

Summer is the perfect time to gather with friends, family, and fellow members of the Parkinson’s community. Organize picnics, barbecues, or outdoor potluck events where everyone can come together. These social gatherings provide a sense of belonging, support, and in the community, the opportunity to learn from others’ experiences. 

From exploring nature to nurturing your creativity, these summer activities provide a gateway to joy, connection, and improved well-being for individuals living with Parkinson’s.  

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