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Sons of Fire: Spicing things up for Parkinson Canada

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When you think of charity events, the image of a group of chili enthusiasts raising money for a cause might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But for Shane “Vikingheat” Hammond, member of Sons of Fire, that’s exactly what it’s all about—combining a love for heat with a passion for making a difference. 

“We’re a bunch of chili heads that love spicy things,” Shane explains. “All we are is about doing charity things and our love for heat.” 

The journey of Sons of Fire began before the pandemic hit, as a group of friends and family members joined forces to promote charitable causes together. They’d vote on which charities to support, brainstorm event ideas, and have a blast doing it. 

“We enjoyed doing events as you want,” Shane recalls. “We’re not a group that will get up and go for a run. When we saw the chance to do our own events, we jumped at it.” 

Their love for spicy food became the driving force behind their unique charity events. From chili cook-offs to hot sauce tastings, they found creative ways to raise funds and awareness for causes close to their hearts. 

But for Shane, the mission of Sons of Fire goes beyond just enjoying spicy food and hosting events. It’s personal. His mother, who recently passed away from Parkinson’s disease, inspired him to do more. 

“Parkinson’s destroyed her,” Shane shares. “It’s sad to see someone go through it for so long. Death was the only thing to cure. You can ease them in the end, but it just takes over.” 

Watching his mother struggle with Parkinson’s sparked a desire in Shane to raise awareness and funds for Parkinson Canada. So, when they planned their annual charity event—a fiery challenge involving eating spicy nuggets—they decided to dedicate it to Parkinson’s research in her honour. 

“She wasn’t into spicy food,” Shane laughs. “Always thought I was crazy.” 

But for Shane and the Sons of Fire, it’s about more than just heat—it’s about making a difference. They start with a small group and build from there, raising money for charities and doing things locally. Someone in the group will bring an idea forward and we get together. Sons of Fire is international with people as far as Germany and Poland, although most of its members reside in Canada.  

“We don’t aim high,” Shane explains. “Just go out and get the word out. The money part doesn’t matter. Whether you raise two hundred or twenty-thousand dollars, as long as the awareness is out there.” 

And that’s where you come in. Whether you’re a chili enthusiast or just looking to support a good cause, Sons of Fire invites you to join them in their mission to spice up charity for Parkinson Canada. 

“Every little bit helps,” Shane says. “Don’t be embarrassed of your situation. There are developments out there that can help. If it’s in your family, you need to watch for it.” 

So, next time you see a group of chili enthusiasts at a charity event, don’t be afraid to say hello. You might just be joining one of the good guys. 

For more information on how you can support Sons of Fire and Parkinson Canada, visit the Fundraising Your Way and get involved today. Together, we can make a difference—one spicy nugget at a time. 

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