Parkinson Canada SuperWalk – Strength of Spirit – No Matter What

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Every September, people living with Parkinson’s and those who care about them, look forward to an annual event where participants can demonstrate their commitment to a world free of Parkinson’s. While this year SuperWalk looked significantly different in how it was executed, what didn’t change was that it reached from coast to coast, from the mountains of British Columbia to the shores of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Despite obstacles, families celebrated together in their own way, in keeping with the event’s annual theme focused on the perseverance of Canadians with Parkinson’s: No Matter What. This year, those affected by Parkinson’s came together to support friends, family members, care partners, researchers, therapists and all those affected by Parkinson’s: No Matter What.

Before teams across the country took to their neighbourhoods to celebrate SuperWalk their own way, an online opening ceremony was held, capturing personal stories from those affected directly or indirectly by Parkinson’s. What the stories all showcased was that no matter what tomorrow may bring, people with Parkinson’s, those that watch their loved ones navigate the disease, and those that actively work to discover a cure for Parkinson’s— will not stop … no matter what, they live with the hope that, one day, a cure will be found.

Thank you to those that shared their stories and thank you to everyone for your unwavering determination to generate a grand fundraising total $1.4 million in this challenging year – and counting.

Each year, SuperWalk is filled with stories of supporters coming together in an environment of compassion and mutual support. This year, without formal events to attend, walkers had to make that meaning for themselves. Stories of SuperWalk celebrations continue to flow in from across the country with countless examples of creativity and perseverance. From lemonade stands (like Emily’s family in Halifax), to custom photo cupcakes (like Team Bacchus as part of their celebration in Oshawa), to a walk route focused on locations that were important to lost loved ones (like Betty Chan, in Edmonton) – all of  these stories were evident this past weekend. Congratulations to all walkers who made your walk, your way a success.

You can view highlights of these experiences on the SuperWalk Social Wall.

This is an outstanding accomplishment, especially with registrations being just one third that of previous years.

Whether you participated in SuperWalk or not, you’ll find the message from the Opening Ceremony uplifting along with the real-life stories of individuals and families standing strong in the face of Parkinson’s.