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April is Parkinson Awareness Month

Part of ACT on Time™, Managing My Parkinson’s Disease in Healthcare Settings is a book designed to help you garner valuable information that you can apply to help manage your Parkinson’s disease in various healthcare settings. It may also guide conversations with the members of your healthcare team. Open communication will facilitate your experience and ensure your needs are met.

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April Events at Parkinson Canada

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Dance for Parkinson’s Network Canada April 2019 Open House Classes
There is evidence that exercise, especially strenuous activity, builds muscle and brain power in people with Parkinson’s. Dance appears to meet many, if not all, of the recommended components for exercise programs designed for individuals with Parkinson’s. That’s because dance includes elements to improve balance and gait function, as well as improve quality of life.

Parkinson Canada targets gaps in services and treatments
Whether you are newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s or the care partner to someone in their third decade of living with this life-changing disease, timely information, care and treatments makes the difference between living well and experiencing hardship.

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Parkinson Canada created images for your social media posts to help tell your story. Download to use on your account.

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