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Resilience webinar keynote speaker: Author, winner of the Amazing Race, and Parkinson’s advocate Tim Hague Sr.

Parkinson Awareness Month Resilience Webinar: Participant Stories

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Join Tim Hague Sr. on April 29th at 1pm ET for his personal keynote on resilience and for stories that highlight the resilience of our Parkinson Community.

In his book Perseverance: the seven skills you need to survive, thrive and accomplish more than you ever imagined Tim shares how his diagnosis of Parkinson’s, his victory of season one of The Amazing Race Canada, and his overall life experience help form the view that perseverance is not just a matter of willpower: it is a skill that can be learned and honed.

That’s something we’ve come to know from people with Parkinson’s all over the country who demonstrate strength of spirit daily in response to symptoms, and who show determination in all they do. No Matter What.

Tim will be joined on the panel by three voices from the No Matter What video who share what those three words mean to them, and insight on what you can do to show resilience in your own lives with or without Parkinson’s.

  • New Parkinson Advisory Council Chair Larry Linton will share his story of diagnosis, and why his own reaction to the news that he had Parkinson’s disease is one of the driving factors behind his participation in the Council. Larry will expand on his experience with diagnosis, and what he knows now that he wishes he did the day he learned he had Parkinson’s.

    Watch Larry’s No Matter What story:

  • Dr. Naomi Visanji’s research focuses on the pathobiology of alpha synuclein in Parkinson’s disease including the detection of peripheral alpha synuclein as a biomarker. She’ll talk about the importance of diagnosis, and what No Matter What means as a researcher and daughter of someone with Parkinson’s. She’ll also talk about what you can do today to participate in research and help solve the mysteries of Parkinson’s. 
    Watch Dr. Visanji’s No Matter What story:
  • A founding member of the PD Avengers and Chair of the Toronto Western Hospital Movement Disorders Clinic Patient Advisory Board, Hugh Johnston, brings his perspective on making Parkinson’s matter and why advocacy efforts are so important to our collective resilience in the face of Parkinson’s. He’ll have a special invitation for you to participate in our government call-to-action around access to care.

These four stories represent so many more similar experiences and perspectives in our Parkinson community and their keys to demonstrating resilience are designed to help everyone adjust to their diagnosis and to live their best with Parkinson’s. 

Learn more and register for next week’s session.

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