Non-Motor Fluctuations of Parkinson’s Disease – Webinar


Parkinson Canada’s Webinar Series presents 

Dr. Galit Kleiner
Movement Disorder Clinic
Toronto’s Baycrest Hospital
Non-Motor Fluctuations of Parkinson’s Disease
(in English only)

Tuesday, May 28th, 2019 — 12:00pm Eastern

non-motor fluctuation in Parkinson’s disease refers to the non-movement related
symptoms that may fluctuate depending on medication timing. When medication
wears off it may result in return of tremor, slowness in movement, and
difficulty walking and moving. These are called motor fluctuations.

many people are not aware of is that similar to motor fluctuations, non- motor
symptoms of Parkinson’s may also return when medication wears off.

webinar will discuss what non-motor fluctuations are and how to identify them.
We will discuss the prevalence of non-motor fluctuations and their impact on
quality of life for the person living with them. Finally we will review
effective treatment strategies and current research initiatives in this area.

you have any questions please contact Grace Ferrari at 1-800-565-3000,

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