New government, new opportunities



The latest federal election was like no other in recent history. Following one of the longest campaigns ever, Canadians turned out in record numbers to elect a Liberal majority government.

During the campaign, Parkinson Society Canada learned of the Liberal Party of Canada’s significant commitments to healthcare. Some of the top priorities that affect the Parkinson’s community include:

  • Increase health spending by $3 billion during the next four years in order to provide additional and improved services for the nearly two million people currently receiving care at home.
  • Extending the eligibility criteria for the Compassionate Care EI benefit to include coverage for those with serious chronic illness and to accommodate the episodic needs of caregivers.
  • Address the affordability of medication by increasing access and reducing overall costs of prescriptions through bulk purchasing and working together with the provinces to reach a new health accord.

With the election of this new government comes a host of new opportunities. The Liberal Party has clearly stated they will be changing the tone of government and allowing MPs within their party to vote freely on issues important to their community. With 213 new MPs and a renewed emphasis on local engagement and collaboration, it is crucial that we continue to build on the local relationships our Parkinson Ambassadors have successfully fostered leading up to the election. Parkinson Society Canada will continue to work with all parliamentarians alongside the Parkinson Ambassador Network to represent our voice well at policy tables going forward.

About the Parkinson Ambassador Network

The Parkinson Ambassador Network of volunteers across Canada helps advance the interests of Canadians affected by Parkinson’s disease by meeting with elected officials and key policy makers at both the provincial and federal levels. Parkinson’s Ambassadors play a vital role in our advocacy initiatives.

If you, or anyone you know is interested in getting involved with our advocacy work, please email us at and someone will be in touch with you. To find out more about the Ambassador program, visit:

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