New Framework Driving National Advocacy Initiatives through 2020


Parkinson Society Canada (PSC) is proud to share our National Advocacy Framework. This core document provides a snapshot of priorities that drive our advocacy efforts, the people involved in our initiatives, the actions we are taking, and what we hope to achieve for Canadians affected by Parkinson’s disease from now through the year 2020. The framework will also be used as the foundation for our April 1st lobby day on Parliament Hill.

Parkinson Society Canada’s Key Advocacy Priorities:

  • Health Care Access – to ensure timely access to affordable and effective therapies, diagnostics and health services
  • Caregiver Support – to help caregivers maintain their own physical and mental well-being
  • Genetic Fairness Protection – to protect Canadians affected by a genetic condition including Parkinson’s disease, from genetic discrimination by employers and/or the insurance industry
  • Neurodegenerative Research – to receive accelerated and targeted investment in neuroscience and Parkinson’s research
  • Income Security – to protect people affected by Parkinson’s disease from poverty
  • Neurological Issues – to ensure the specific needs of those affected by neurological conditions are recognized and addressed

Parkinson Society Canada welcomes feedback from our community to ensure the framework reflects the needs and interests of Canadians affected by Parkinson’s. Should you have any questions or comments regarding our framework or any of our national advocacy initiatives, please contact us at

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