Sasha Au Yong with a copy of her children's book about Parkinson's disease

New children’s book raises awareness for Parkinson’s disease

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Sasha Au Yong, a recent graduate of Pickering College in Newmarket, Ontario, has just published her first book, Something’s Different About Grandpa.

Sasha wrote and illustrated this children’s storybook for her winning Global Leadership Program Capstone Action Project in support of Parkinson Canada. The book is suitable for all ages and is a great way for adults to teach young children about Parkinson’s disease.

Sasha’s book is the culmination of a long process: she began work on this action project as part of the Global Leadership Program at the beginning of Grade 11 with an in-depth research paper on Parkinson’s Disease. In Grade 12, Sasha and her classmates were tasked with taking action on their chosen issue. After considering the best way to spread awareness about Parkinson’s Disease, Sasha decided to write and illustrate her own book. On , Pickering College hosted a virtual pitch competition, the culminating activity for the school’s Grade 12 students.

Sasha’s book is available as a free PDF on our website, and you can support her project by making a donation directly to her campaign.

The hard-copy version is also available for delivery in Canada and internationally. Please consider buying a copy to support the cause. The price is $12 plus shipping and all proceeds go to Parkinson Canada. Order your copy of Something’s Different About Grandpa.

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2 Comments on “New children’s book raises awareness for Parkinson’s disease”

  1. I was diagnosed in Jun 2020 with Parkinson’s. I recently came across the book “Something’s Different About Grandpa”. Sasha Au Yong has created a story book with great illustrations that explained in the simplest terms some of what I have been experiencing. I read the story to my grandchildren 7, 9 and 14 years old. The children were left with the emotions of wanting to make me as happy as they can when we get together in this Covid-19 world.
    P.S. Sasha, thank you sincerely for the work you have accomplished to date.


  2. Yes I would sincerely appreciate paper copy of this wonderful book to share with grandchildren. Many thanks and thank you to the author writing it! We have 10 grandchildren in soon 11 so it will help all of us very much thank you bye-bye. Michelle Sullivan

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