National Study of Neurological Conditions Gets Underway


It is with great excitement that we announce that the first-ever national study of neurological conditions in Canada is now underway.

Parkinson Society Canada (PSC) has played a lead role in advocating for this study which aims to improve our understanding of the experience and impact of neurological conditions, like Parkinson’s, so that policy makers can make more appropriate program and policy investments. This represents a tremendous opportunity to effect significant and meaningful change for Canadians with Parkinson’s.

In addition to determining incidence and prevalence, the study will have:

  • one team of researchers investigating health and community systems to identify gaps and recommend programs and tools to improve the system of care and support;
  • another team exploring the impact of living with a neurological condition on individuals, families and society; and
  • a third team focusing on prevention, by working to better understand risk factors or the elements that contribute to the development of specific conditions and to their progression.

Rooted in the input received from over 3,000 stakeholders in early 2009, the study is jointly led by the Public Health Agency of Canada and Neurological Health Charities Canada, of which PSC is a founding member.

The study concludes in early 2013, with a report to the Minister of Health. The results will be used to improve the quality of life for Canadians with neurological conditions and their families. A continued participant in this project, PSC will provide regular updates to keep you informed.

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