Make 2018 Your Parkinson’s Year


webinar imageHave you committed to making 2018 the year you learn how to live your best with Parkinson’s? If so, Parkinson Canada has another productive, event-packed year that continues to bring help and hope to those of you living with Parkinson’s across Canada.

The newly redesigned Parkinson Canada website at is a tremendous resource for you, your family and your care team to quickly and conveniently access everything from online informational resources (facts sheets, handbooks, etc.), local education and fundraising events, and support groups in your community. The website is also your central hub to register and replay webinars presented by some of Canada’s leading PD experts.

Expert Webinar Series – 2018

Be sure to mark your calendars for these upcoming webinars featuring experts and topics you will not want to miss:

How to Keep Intimacy Alive in Parkinson’s Disease

Tuesday, February 13

 Live-Stream in Person Event highlighting Parkinson’s Disease: An Introductory Guide

Friday, March 16

Falls Prevention 365 Days a Year

Tuesday, May 8

Advanced Parkinson’s Therapies: DBS and Duodopa

Tuesday, June 12

Alternative Parkinson’s Therapies: Music & Dance

Tuesday, August 14

Parkinson’s Toolbox: All You Need to Manage PD

Tuesday, September 11

This webinar is cancelled.

PSP and Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) – Signs, Symptoms and Treatment

Tuesday, November 13

Incontinence and Voiding Dysfunction in PD

Tuesday, December 11

Podcasts with Parkinson Canada’s Information and Referral Specialist

Robert TerSteege

Robert TerSteege, Parkinson Canada

Complementing the expert webinar series this year, Parkinson Canada Information and Referral Specialist, Robert TerSteege, will provide comprehensive information on the spectrum of Parkinson’s disease.

January: Early Stage Parkinson’s

April: Mid-Stage Parkinson’s

July: Late-Stage Parkinson’s

October: Caregiving through the Stages of Parkinson’s

All webinars and podcasts are at no charge to register, and further information can be found online by visiting The Knowledge Network on the Parkinson Canada website at:

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