Legacy Giving — A Powerful Way to be Remembered


day, thousands of people are helped and their lives are enriched by the work of
registered charities—whether they are local or national organizations.
Financial support from donors is essential to sustain the work of these organizations.
Donors change lives.

There are many ways that donors can
elect to support worthwhile causes. Did you know that by leaving a gift in your
Will, or through another vehicle in your estate plan, you can continue to help
your favourite cause or organization and possibly have a much greater impact?

May is officially Leave a Legacy month, and we encourage you to consider leaving a
gift to Parkinson Canada as part of your legacy. Your legacy represents the
values that are meaningful to you during your lifetime. A gift in your Will is
a simple and powerful way to be remembered and provides Parkinson Canada with
funding to grow and improve the delivery of programs and services. Your legacy
can continue to fund innovative and promising research, and address issues that
are important to the Parkinson’s community across the country.

Legacy gifts come in all sizes, through various instruments, and they can
fit every budget. You don’t have to be wealthy; any amount will provide
generous opportunities to an organization that is important to you. You can
leave a cash gift of $500 or $1,000 or maybe a gift of a bond or other type of
security or even a gift of life insurance.

Only you know the difference you wish
to make and only you have the ability to provide hope for people living with
Parkinson’s and create a legacy that will last forever. If
you are thinking about making a planned gift to Parkinson Canada, we recommend
that you seek expert advice from a tax specialist, financial planner, or a

you would like more information on leaving a gift in your Will, just call or
email Sue Rosenblat at 416-227-3386
or 1-800-565-3000 ext. 3386 or Sue.Rosenblat@Parkinson.ca

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