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Joyce Gordon, CEO, Parkinson Canada

You never have to face your Parkinson’s journey alone. While people living with Parkinson’s, and their caregivers, rely on the supportive network of family and friends, they tell me how important they find the unique support that only their Parkinson’s family can provide. That’s because they feel no one knows better the real impact of this chronic condition than others who also live with it day in and day out. And for those who are separated from family and friends by distance or circumstances, our Parkinson’s family can be a true lifeline.

As Parkinson’s disease progresses, many aspects of daily living change. Moving, eating, and talking become more difficult. The physical symptoms of Parkinson’s can feel embarrassing or uncomfortable in social settings. That can lead to withdrawal and isolation, which may lead to depression and feelings of helplessness. Your own family and friends understand your difficulties, and so does your Parkinson’s family. Few things make us better than helping another in need. We are all stronger when we overcome our challenges together.

Parkinson Canada is here for you offering help, hope and vital connections to the Parkinson community. Our first Parkinson SuperWalk National Hero Blake Bell says he has a more expanded view of family. He talks about his immediate family and then his “Parkinson’s family,” full of strong people he has connected with through support groups, activities for people with Parkinson’s, events and fundraising. Watch Blake’s story here.

Many people describe getting involved with Parkinson Canada as part of their healing and adjustment to living with the disease. Jamie Fobert became a spokesperson after a chance meeting with a member of his community. He thinks of his Parkinson’s family as part of his therapy, as life-altering as taking his medication and exercising. Hear Jamie’s story here.

Caregivers too can find connections and support with us. Former Board member Joyce Baretto enjoys her role as Parkinson Ambassador. Her mother Lena has been living with Parkinson’s for more than two decades. While Lena’s extended family supports her, Joyce advocates to elected officials and public servants to improve life for the entire Parkinson community. Watch Lena’s story here.

You can count on Parkinson Canada to help you make connections. Call our helpline for information, referrals and support. We are your hub to the Parkinson’s community across Canada and we extend a warm welcome to you and to everyone touched by this life-changing disease. We are able to provide extensive resources and supportive connections thanks to our generous supporters and donors.

Join our Parkinson’s family today. Visit our website at for a wealth of information and resources. Attend a Parkinson Canada support group or event in your community. Get involved and you’re sure to meet members of our Parkinson’s family. Become a volunteer or make a donation. As one of our donors told me recently, “You never lose when you give.”

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