We are Family

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Over twenty years ago, Joyce Barretto's mother, Lena, was diagnosed with Parkinson's. When her family looked for information about the disease, they found something they weren't expecting.

They found a community, a family.
Watch Lena Barretto's Story
Lena has an inspiring message to share with all of us: “I never give up.”
"It is interesting once you have a diagnosis how many people you will come across who have the same."
- Joyce Barretto, Lena's Daughter
All those living with and affected by Parkinson's disease make up the heart of a very large Parkinson's Family. For #GivingTuesday this year, we want to share how your donations are multiplied again and again across the entire Parkinson's community.
"A little bit of money can go a lot further if people are talking to each other, sharing the research, sharing the information."
- Joyce Barretto
This sharing is at the heart of what Parkinson Canada does, with the support of our valued donors. It is why every time you support research or treatment - that support spreads out in a ripple effect across the country.

And from now until the end of the year, that ripple will be even more dramatic. Because every dollar you give, up to a total of $50,000, will be tripled by an anonymous donor. This is an unbelievably generous offer and we hope that you will take advantage of it.

Lena's story of her relentless drive to live well with Parkinson's disease also applies to the sense of community and connection that the #MyParkinsonFamily campaign is looking to build.
"What you don't use, you lose."
- Lena Barretto
As for Lena, she demonstrates a generosity of her own as she continues to lead three generations of her own family with tremendous love and compassion.

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"We are Family" is a is a portrait of the Parkinson’s community, as a family…
And how we face challenges and can overcome them,
because we are stronger together.

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We are Family