Endless Devotion: A Journey Through Parkinson's Together

Endless Devotion: A Journey Through Parkinson’s Together


In the quiet corners of life, where love and devotion shine brighter than adversity, a remarkable journey unfolds – between Heather Watson-Jacobs and Clyde Jacobs. Theirs is a story that spans fifty-five years of marriage and twenty-four years with Parkinson’s, where an unwavering wife transforms into her husband’s steadfast care partner. Together, they confront each challenge with unyielding resolve, even as Heather herself grapples with a diagnosis of MS. 

Heather and Clyde’s paths crossed on the streets of Montreal, Quebec, in 1968. Heather had arrived from the UK in 1967, and their chance encounter marked the beginning of a bond that would last decades. Clyde’s passion for knowledge and Heather’s curiosity forged a connection that would be their anchor through the turbulent sea of Parkinson’s.  

As the years passed, Parkinson’s made its presence felt, casting its shadow over their lives. Heather became Clyde’s steadfast care partner, navigating the challenges of shuffling steps, freezing moments, falling down and the gradual emergence of dementia. Heather drew strength from her role as a mother, applying her nurturing instincts ensuring that Clyde’s received the best care and his spirit remained hopeful. 

Following are Heather’s recommendations that can aid others facing a similar situation:

Engage the Mind

Heather introduced playful quizzes to keep Clyde’s mind active in their daily routine. They tackled spelling tests, embraced math challenges, speech and annunciation as well found joy in each other’s company, sharing laughter and memories.

Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

Encouraging an active lifestyle, Heather and Clyde embarked on bike rides and exploratory walks, often accompanied by their two loyal dogs. Clyde even took up boxing for a period of time. You can stay active and resilient with these Parkinson Canada resources.


Amidst the ebbs and flows, Heather stood as a beacon of proactive empowerment, treating Clyde with respect and dignity. Positivity remained their foundation, drawing strength from their shared hope and determination.


Heather immersed herself in Parkinson’s research, diligently gathering information about Parkinson’s and its nuances. She approached medical appointments with newfound confidence, becoming an advocate for Clyde’s well-being. In her caregiving journey, Heather maintained schedules and journals, tracking their progress and achievements. Include your voice through advocacy.


With Parkinson’s progression, new channels of communication emerged. Heather’s determination led them to inventive methods, such as sharing meal, snack and beverage choices through a series of nods, deepening their mutual understanding of each other’s needs.

Heather and Clyde’s journey extends beyond survival; it was a testament to thriving. Heather’s unwavering devotion matched Clyde’s indomitable spirit. Together, they became warriors, confronting each day with courage and determination. Defying expectations, they shattered the misconception that Parkinson’s was an insurmountable battle. Embracing their roles as advocates, their story demonstrates that love can transcend illness and triumph over any challenge.  

Heather’s Final Words of Wisdom:

Drawing from her experience, Heather offers wisdom to fellow travelers on a similar path: “Remain engaged, stay positive, and cherish even the smallest moments.”  

Heather eagerly looks forward to connecting with others within the community to help further transform her journey and yours. Discover new connections and support through Parkinson Canada’s Peer-to-Peer Program. Email to learn more: peersupport@parkinson.ca