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Empowering Women for Parkinson’s on International Women’s Day

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Join Parkinson Canada in celebrating the strength and resilience of women living with Parkinson’s

International Women’s Day is not only a time to celebrate the strength and resilience of women around the world, but also to raise awareness of important issues affecting women. Two extraordinary women, Deb Voorheis and Carlota Lee, share a commitment to supporting Women and Parkinson’s. Last year, Parkinson Canada, with the help of Deb and Carlota, launched a new initiative, Women for Parkinson’s, a national network of dynamic and influential women coming together to raise their voices and fundraise for better treatment and research for Parkinson’s disease.

Deb, a resident of Toronto, is a partner at a an executive recruitment firm  recruitment agency and a philanthropist who strives to build high-impact teams. She has been involved with Parkinson Canada since 2009 and is actively engaged with Women for Parkinson’s. Carlota, a resident of Vancouver, is an athlete, mother, event organizer, and community supporter who is an inspirational leader on the west coast. In 2019, she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and later discovered that women are underrepresented in Parkinson’s research and that women with Parkinson’s experience unique challenges. Carlota is deeply passionate about building relationships, organizing events, and raising critical funds to support the Women for Parkinson’s initiative. 

The inaugural Women for Parkinson’s events last year in Toronto and Vancouver raised over $60,000 and created even greater awareness of Parkinson’s. With their goal of expanding Women for Parkinson’s and creating a national network, Carlota and Deb believe that education and building support is a big component in raising awareness about Parkinson’s and the unique challenges it poses to women

On this IWB, Deb and Carlota are determined to continue leading and empowering women and to raise funds to support Women for Parkinson’s. Getting the message out there for the over 100,000 people living with Parkinson’s in Canada is critical and that Parkinson’s is inclusive; it can happen to anyone.

As Deb and Carlota continue to work towards their goal, they remind us that support and education are key to building a strong community and empowering women. They invite people who want to volunteer and support women in every single endeavour to join them in their efforts. As a volunteer or sponsor, you will be aligning yourself  with Canada’s most trusted Parkinson’s organization and gain access to an affluent and influential group of women. 

Let’s continue to celebrate the strength and resilience of women, while  raising awareness and support for important causes like Women for Parkinson’s. Interested in joining Deb and Carlota or other inspiring women? Reach out to naseem.jamal@parkinson.ca.