CEO Dr. Karen Lee talks Parkinson Canada’s plans for 2021 on podcast

Dr. Karen Lee, CEO and Director of Parkinson Canada, and Larry Gifford, host of the When Life Gives You Parkinson's podcast


More than ever, we are here to listen to and support the Parkinson Community, no matter what. This is the idea behind our recently announced 2021-2023 strategic plan, one that Dr. Karen Lee and the rest of Parkinson Canada is eager to move forward with.

Karen, President and CEO of Parkinson Canada, talks about what that looks like on the latest episode of Larry Gifford’s podcast, When Life Gives You Parkinson’s, titled Advocacy, collaboration and Parkinson’s in 2021.

“We have a community of people living with Parkinson’s who may fall down but will get back up and are resilient and are strong,” Karen says during the episode. “And with that type of strength, we know we have to provide the best options, programs, and support so that, no matter what, we are here to support the people living with Parkinson’s.”

She adds, “No matter what, we will do our best for all of you.”

Episode highlights

During the episode, Karen goes into depth on:

  • How the new Parkinson Advisory Council allows people affected by Parkinson’s, their loved ones, and caregivers can give us their first-hand experience and be engaged in all aspects of the organization. Those interested can apply to be part of the Parkinson Advisory Council until January 25, 2021.
  • How to raise the voice of a person living with Parkinson’s through advocacy
  • How people living with Parkinson’s can be more involved in research through channels like C-OPN

Karen also reflects on what she’d like to see by the end of 2021. “People say, ‘Wow, look at Parkinson Canada. They really are listening.’ That, for me, would be success for 2021.”

You can listen to the episode here.

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