Family at Pedaling for Parkinson event

April 16-23 is National Volunteer Week in Canada


National Volunteer Week in Canada is celebrated from April 16-23, and it’s a time to recognize and appreciate the incredible contributions of volunteers across the country. Charities such as Parkinson Canada rely heavily on volunteers to keep their operations running smoothly and provide essential services to our communities; volunteers such as Liz Lowen and Rosalie Resnick.

Liz Loewen, who serves as the Vice Chair of the Parkinson Advisory Council is a lived-experience reviewer on research studies, providing valuable insights to researchers and helping to improve the quality of research in the field. Additionally, Liz participates in SuperWalk, an annual fundraising event that raises awareness and funds for Parkinson’s disease. Before retiring, Liz worked as a nurse in health information systems in Manitoba and earned a PhD in health informatics. She sees volunteering with Parkinson Canada as a great opportunity to connect with the community and give back to those affected by Parkinson’s disease. Her background in informatics makes her contributions to Parkinson’s research especially impactful. In Liz’s own words “Volunteering is a great opportunity to connect more to the community in general and to give back to Parkinson Canada.” 

Another remarkable volunteer is Rosalie Resnick, who before the COVID-19 pandemic, volunteered at McKenzie Health Hospital. She now volunteers in a Rock Steady Boxing for Parkinson’s class, which provides exercise and support for those living with Parkinson’s disease. Rosalie is also a facilitator for a monthly Parkinson’s caregiver support group and is also very active in the Parkinson’s SuperWalk, raising about $8000 every year for the cause. She recognized that there is a real need for support for people trying to navigate the medical system and helps others who don’t have support during this challenging time in their lives. “Knowing that I am giving back and making an impact is what keeps me motivated. Seeing the difference you can make for others when they thank you is very fulfilling” Rosalie told us. 

Volunteers like Liz and Rosalie are the backbone of organizations like Parkinson Canada. Their selfless dedication and hard work help to make a significant difference in the lives of those affected by Parkinson’s disease. 

National Volunteer Week in Canada is an excellent opportunity to celebrate the work of volunteers across the country. Check out our site to see opportunities to volunteer with Parkinson Canada. Check out the Volunteer Canada page for more information on National Volunteer Week.