Glenda Doucet-Boudreau

Glenda, now a retired registered nurse, started her volunteer community involvement as a teenager with her mom as a role model and her participation in the 4-H movement. 

The philosophy was if it doesn’t exist, we’ll build one. And so it was for family daycare, a children’s program named ‘Jouer et apprendre’, a Well Women ‘s Clinic, homogeneous French schools and an Asthma Support group. A very capable group of people working hard to achieve their goal was the winning combination.  

Glenda’s causes have been wellness, education and women’s issues. Glenda has received several distinctions : La Pléiade 2019 , Prix May Bouchard 2021 , La Mérite Léger- Comeau 2022, and ‘Donner le meilleur de soi’ of the Lieutenant Governor of NS 2023. 

Glenda started her Parkinson’s journey in 2020. Not being interested in sports but being aware of the importance of exercise for this disease, she started her quest for an exercise she would enjoy. Parkinson Canada held a webinar: Get moving! Parkinson’s and Exercise Mini – Expo on February 23 , 2022.  

“That was the game changer for me. I’ve been dancing and exercising one hour a day ever since.”