Individuals with Parkinson’s disease are at higher risk of falling, and developing mobility problems, as well as a decline in some mental functions (cognition). The purpose of the present clinical trial is to evaluate the use of a new exercise program to improve balance and walking function of Parkinson’s patients. The new exercise program combines balance exercises and treadmill walking while performing various computer game cognitive activities (i.e., like walking while texting).

This research study will include brain imaging assessments of two groups: a group of 52 Parkinson’s patients and a group of 15 healthy volunteers of similar ages. A comparison of the behavioral brain imaging analysis of these two groups will allow us to identify areas of abnormal, reduced activity in the Parkinson patients. We will then be able to identify areas of brain plasticity associated with improvements in walking functions following a 10-week training program offered to the Parkinson patients.

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Name: Dr. Tony Szturm
Phone: 204-960-9553

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