University of British Columbia Pacific Parkinson's Research Centre

The TAP trial is a blinded clinical trial evaluating the use of an oral multi-strain probiotic in the treatment of anxiety in individuals with Parkinson’s disease, as well as monitoring changes to the gut microbiome.

You may be eligible if the following apply:

  • You have Parkinson’s disease experience & mild-moderate anxiety
  • Between the ages of 40-80
  • You do not have other neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease
  • You have not had Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) and are not on Duodopa
  • You are not currently receiving psychotherapy

The trial involves two study visits conducted remotely and in-person at UBC (approx. 6-8 hours /each). Visits include screening procedures, clinical assessments, questionnaires, blood samples and collection of fecal samples at home. If eligible after screening participants will be randomized to either the probiotic or placebo that is taken twice a day for 3 months.

Contact information

Name: Petra Uzelman
Phone: 604 827 0576

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