Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a neurological disorder associated with motor and non-motor symptoms. Gastrointestinal dysfunction, specifically constipation, is an important non-motor symptom that often precedes motor symptoms. Recently, it has been demonstrated that the disruption of the physiological composition of the gut microbiota may lead to a reduction in concentration of short-chain fatty acids. Therefore, this reduction may lead to impaired intestinal motility as well as a changes in the intestinal immune system creating a pro-inflammatory environment. In addition, patients with PD suffer from high levels of calprotectin fecal, a molecule associated with inflammation. It has been found that regular physical activity promotes significant changes in the gut microbiota and may reduce the incidence of inflammatory disease. Our hypothesis is that regular exercise may reduce levels of fecal calprotectin and improve the short chain fatty acid profile in patients with PD related to sedentary controls.

Study recruiting in Quebec and Nunavut. See flyer for details.

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Name: Nesrine Chtioui
Phone: 514-809-9119

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