The primary objective of the study is to understand how wearable devices are currently being used by people with upper limb motor disabilities while playing video games. Secondly, we will use the data collected in the study to develop design guidelines on how we can build more efficient accessible wearable technology in the future to support gamers.

Participation in this study would require completing a demographics survey with questions that confirm study eligibility. Secondly, participants would take part in a semi-structured interview over a video conferencing software (e.g. Zoom). The interview would include questions around wearable technology (their experiences, and opinions/preferences around wearable devices) and questions about gaming (experiences interacting with video games, and preferences/opinions).

Information collected from this study would be used to help inform how gaming wearables can be designed to be more accessible.

Contact information

Name: Georgia Loewen
Phone: 204-396-4726

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