World Parkinson Congress 2010, UK


In September, Parkinson Society Canada attended the 2nd World Parkinson Congress in Glasgow, Scotland. Canadian presenters included:

  • Dr. Harry Robertson from Dalhousie University on olfactory testing;
  • Dr. Oksana Suchowersky from Calgary on ethical issues in genetic testing;
  • Dr. Michael Schlossmacher from Ottawa on alpha-synuclein;
  • Shannon MacDonald on the development of Neurological Health Charities of Canada and a National Advocacy Strategy;
  • Dr. Tony Lang on diagnosing pre-motor Parkinson’s;
  • Dr. Susan Fox discussing psychosis.

We invite you to sign the Global Parkinson’s Pledge as our goal is to have 1 million signatures by 2013.

Next World Parkinson Congress in Montreal in 2013

We are thrilled that Canada has been chosen to host the next World Parkinson Congress in Montreal, from October 1- 4 in 2013 and look forward to welcoming approximately 3,500 delegates from over 60 countries. This is the only global Parkinson’s conference that brings together the entire Parkinson’s community – people with Parkinson’s disease, those who care for them, medical and health professionals, and dedicated researchers working toward a cure and better treatments.

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