Use of information

I understand that Parkinson Canada will not share my personal information without my permission.

Volunteers of Parkinson Canada are responsible for protecting the security of all information that is obtained, heard, or seen in the course of their work. All printed material and all information divulged by staff concerning Parkinson Canada clients, volunteers, or donors is strictly confidential. This may include information relating to an individual’s medical history, disease or treatment, financial position, home life or family situation, as well as their identity and address. I will use all information in a manner respectful to the principles, policies, and procedures of Parkinson Canada.

Standards of conduct

Parkinson Canada has adopted a Volunteer Manual, which includes a specific Privacy Policy, intended to protect the integrity of Parkinson Canada, its employees, volunteers, and independent consultants. These Policies are intended to supplement the exercise of good judgement in all instances where conflicts may arise.

As a condition of volunteer involvement with Parkinson Canada, an individual will be required to abide by the terms and conditions as outlined in the following Standards of Conduct:

Parkinson Canada recognizes that its greatest assets are staff, volunteers, and consultants working together toward the achievement of its mission and goals. To create a climate of mutual respect and understanding in which each individual’s contribution is recognized, Parkinson Canada is committed to establishing and maintaining fair and equitable policies and standards that reflect its principles.

All volunteers are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is professional and that demonstrates the courtesy and respect that is due to all members of our community.

In carrying out their professional obligations, individuals shall not engage in or condone any activity or conduct, which constitutes a dishonest, deceitful, fraudulent, or illegal act.

Any person associated with Parkinson Canada has a right to work and learn in an environment that is free of harassment, abuse, or intimidation, and all share a responsibility for ensuring that such an environment exists at all times. In the event of any incident which is known or suspected to be one of harassment or abuse, individuals shall be guided by Parkinson Canada’s Volunteer Manual.

Individuals are expected to hold confidential all information related to clients, donors, employees, volunteers, strategic and organizational plans, and other records or information retained by Parkinson Canada. All information is the property of Parkinson Canada and will be disclosed only when authorized by the client, a staff Manager, member of the Executive Leadership Team, or when the individual concerned is obligated legally or professionally to do so.

Confidential information includes, but is not limited to:

  • Client information (clients being people living with Parkinson’s and/or their families)
  • Personal employee, volunteer, or consultant information
  • Fundraising databases, especially donor information
  • Subscription database
  • Volunteer databases, including information on partners and/or sponsors
  • Financial database or spreadsheets
  • Strategic or organizational plans
  • Fundraising initiatives
  • Minutes of staff, committee, or board meetings

Information provided by anyone associated with Parkinson Canada which is not available in the public domain

Security codes, passwords and access to all computers and digital platforms used in carrying out volunteer duties must be shared with the volunteer’s manager and shall be maintained and kept confidential. All reports, working papers, data, documentation, and other records relating to Parkinson Canada business or any Parkinson Canada assignments produced for Parkinson Canada during an individual’s association, shall be the property of Parkinson Canada. All such items and materials shall be left with Parkinson Canada upon cessation of volunteer activities.

Failure to comply with the provisions outlined in these Standards of Conduct could lead to termination of association with Parkinson Canada. If removal or disclosure of confidential information should lead to a financial loss to Parkinson Canada, civil and/or criminal charges could result.

Conflict of interest

No member of the Parkinson Canada Board of Directors, or any of its Committees shall derive any personal profit or gain, directly or indirectly, by reason of their participation with the organization. Individuals shall disclose any personal interest which they may have in any matter pending before the organization and shall refrain from participation in any decision on such matters.

Any member of the Parkinson Canada Board, any Committee, any consultant, or staff who is also an officer, board member, committee member, or staff member of a contractor, vendor, or supplier of, or to, Parkinson Canada, shall immediately identify their affiliation with such agency or agencies. Further, in connection with any committee or board action specifically directed to that agency they shall not participate in the decision affecting that agency and the decision must be made and/or ratified by the full board.


Parkinson Canada is committed to the ethical collection and use of information in the pursuit of legitimate organizational goals. We support and further the individual’s fundamental right to privacy. Consequently, identifiable, personal information not available from public sources must not be disclosed. Records about individuals and the organization are confidential and are to be used only to further the mission of Parkinson Canada.

I acknowledge that during my work/assignment at Parkinson Canada, I may have access to documents, data, or other information, some, or all of which may be confidential and/or privileged from disclosure whether labelled or identified as “confidential”. Therefore, except as required by my activities, I shall never, either during or after my association with Parkinson Canada directly or indirectly use, publish, disseminate, or otherwise disclose to any third party, or use for personal gain, any information acquired during my activities without prior written consent of Parkinson Canada. I will also not permit any person whosoever to examine or make copies of any reports or other documents prepared by me, coming into my possession, or under my control, or use information, other than necessary during my work/assignment.

When privileged or restricted information must be discussed with others during my work/assignment, I will use discretion to ensure that others who are not involved in the work/assignment cannot overhear such conversations. I understand that I am bound by laws and policies, which protect the privacy of information I am given access to.

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