Robert Kuhn (Chair)

Robert (Bob) Kuhn

Having been diagnosed with Parkinson’s more than 16 years ago, Bob has recognized the significant need for people with Parkinson’s to have encouragement, information, support and hope for the future; Bob was looking for new opportunities to contribute to the area of Parkinson’s.

Bob has had a wide variety of experiences with charitable organizations related to Parkinson’s. After learning about Parkinson Canada’s newly formed Parkinson Advisory Council (PAC), he is excited for the opportunity and is eager to be involved as vice-chair.

Recently retired, Bob practiced law for 40 years and remains a retired member of the Law Society of British Columbia. Bob also has extensive experience and knowledge in charitable organizations in both Canada and abroad. He has participated in numerous fundraising campaigns and events for different organizations, including global, national, provincial and local organizations focused on Parkinson’s, including the World Parkinson’s Congress.

What motivates you to be a part of the Council?

I have been privileged to meet people involved with Parkinson’s from around the world. Whether they are researchers, caregivers, neurologists or people with Parkinson’s, they share a common bond; a common commitment to bring hope and encouragement.

What is a key message that you think people living with Parkinson’s or care partners need to hear?

People with Parkinson’s need to hear that there is hope for a better future. Not only that progress is being made to find a cure, but that living with Parkinson’s need not be suffered alone. By sharing our experiences, we can all make a difference.

What part of Parkinson Canada’s work are you most passionate about (i.e., research, advocacy, support, etc.) and why?

I am committed to advocating for meaningful coordination at every level, from the local community to the global sphere. I am passionate about ensuring that Parkinson Canada continues to grow into a champion of collaboration.