Board Director


About the role


The Board of Directors governs Parkinson Canada. Individual Directors support the work of Parkinson Canada by providing oversight, leadership and strategic advice. While day-to-day operations are led by the Parkinson Canada President & Chief Executive Officer, the appropriate involvement of Directors is both critical and expected.


A Board Director is accountable to the Board, the Parkinson community and the community at large including donors and other stakeholders. The Board of Directors is collectively accountable for the organization’s performance in respect to its mission and for the stewardship of its financial resources.


A Parkinson Canada Director will normally serve a three-year term and be eligible for reapplying for up to two additional terms to a maximum of nine years of total service.  Board members wishing to serve additional terms must re-apply and be considered based on the criteria in place at the time of application. A Board member’s performance while serving on the Parkinson Canada Board will also be taken into consideration as part of the evaluation process.

Time Commitment

120-150 hours annually.

Key accountabilities


  • Review the agenda and supporting materials prior to Board and committee meetings
  • Attend and actively participate in Board, committee and other leadership meetings and other events such as the Annual General Meeting
  • Participate in the development of the Parkinson Canada Strategic Plan and approve the plan, annual budget, audit reports and material business decisions
  • Review outcomes and metrics created for evaluating Parkinson Canada's impact and regularly measure its performance and effectiveness using those metrics
  • Be informed of, and ensure Parkinson Canada meets all of its legal and fiduciary responsibilities
  • Contribute to the annual performance evaluation and compensation review of Parkinson Canada’s President & Chief Executive Officer
  • Work with other Directors to ensure that Board resolutions are carried out

Leadership and Advice

  • Serve on at least one Board committees or task force and take on special assignments as required 
  • Assist in identifying and recruiting other Directors
  • Participate in the Board's meeting evaluation process
  • Participate in the Board’s annual board assessment process
  • Participate in any offered development events and/or opportunities 

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Represent Parkinson Canada to stakeholders, acting as an ambassador to enhance the position and mission of the organization
  • Ensure that the work performed by the Board is transparent and is well communicated to members and other stakeholders as deemed appropriate
  • As appropriate, assist Parkinson Canada in its outreach to potential partners, donors and others providing, relationship-building support
  • Be willing to use influence in the community to enhance Parkinson Canada’s position


  • Make a financial contribution to Parkinson Canada each year, encouraging additional support from others
  • Act in a courteous, patient, tactful, impartial and fair manner
  • Be a clear and fluent communicator, capable of making informed decisions

What is needed to succeed in this role

In your application you will be asked to reflect on which of these skills you would offer.

Core Skills
Commitment to Parkinson Canada Demonstrable a strong understanding and commitment to Parkinson Canada model and mandate, willing and able to meet the performance expectations as outlined in the position description.
Analytical & Critical Thinking Ability to think analytically & critically, to evaluate different options, proposals & arguments & make sound decisions.
Inter-personal Communications Ability to effectively communicate ideas, positions, and perspective to peers, as well as understand the ideas, position, and perspective of their peers and facilitate resolutions of differences in the common interest.
Creative & Strategic Vision/Planning Experience with strategic planning, performance measurement & business planning.
Board Governance Experience Strong understanding & experience with the appropriate roles, group processes and corporate bylaws and policies that form systems of not-for-profit governance. Demonstrated judgment and integrity in an oversight role.  Experience serving on a not-for-profit board or governance committee and/or senior level experience working with other boards. Experience serving on a national board would be advantageous.
Specific Areas of Expertise
Financial/Investment Senior executive experience in financial accounting and reporting and corporate finance. Designation preferable (i.e. CPA/CA/CGA/CMA). Comprehensive knowledge of internal financial controls, financial operational planning and management in a not-for-profit organization that includes expertise in auditing, evaluating and analyzing financial statements.

Relations/ Marketing


Senior executive or consulting experience (preferably with a designation) with the planning, design, implementation and evaluation of strategic communications, advocacy and/or government relations initiatives.

Experience with marketing and/or branding initiatives an advantage.

Knowledge of /influence with media.

Risk Management Senior executive or consulting in analyzing exposure to risk in the private, public or not-for-profit sector and successfully determining appropriate measures to manage such exposure.
Philanthropic/ Fundraising Senior executive or consulting experience with the planning, design, implementation and evaluation of major funding raising initiatives, including experience with outreach to major donors.
Legal Expertise/experience in the law (preferably with a designation), particularly as it relates to subjects of relevance to not-for-profit institutions.
Health system Individual with knowledge of, or with influence in, a health/health care system.
Research Individual having expertise in research and/or its administration, particularly as it relates to subjects of relevance to PCI.
Policy Development Knowledge of and/or influence with government.
Governance Senior executive or consulting expertise in the governance of not-for-profit organizations.
Human Resources Senior executive or consulting experience in human resources (preferably with a designation) particularly in the areas of change management, organizational development and leadership.

Apply online by May 1, 2023