Let's Talk Stigma webinar

Let’s Talk Stigma webinar recording

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Watch the recording of our May 25 webinar


On May 25, 2022, we hosted our “Let’s Talk Stigma webinar”, sponsored by Merz Therapeutics.

We heard from Dr. Soania Mathur, who discussed how stigma related to Parkinson’s can negatively impact the emotional and physical well-being of both the person living with Parkinson’s, and their care partners. Her daughter, Neha, joined her to share her knowledge surrounding non-pharmacological treatments of neuropsychiatric Parkinson’s symptoms, and how stigma can be a barrier to accessing treatment.

They were then joined by Brock Carlton and Lydia Anderson for a panelist-style discussion on Parkinson’s and stigma, as our four guests shared their experiences and how subtle shifts in mindset led them to become champions for others and improve their own quality of life.

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