Larry Linton Smiling Portrait Parkinson CanadaLarry was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2012. He experienced firsthand the struggles in dealing with such a life-altering event and the frustrations in finding reliable post-diagnosis education for him and his family. However, after deciding to live with it and no longer against it, Larry realized that the journey with Parkinson’s is a community event and, as Chair of the Parkinson Advisory Council (PAC) his overriding goal has been ensuring that people with Parkinson’s know where to turn when they receive a diagnosis and for support throughout the course of managing the disease.

Coming from a successful 30-year career in law and 10 years of living well with Parkinson’s, Larry is prepared to impart his guidance to help propel Parkinson Canada’s mission forward. Larry has recently become an “Amazon Best Selling” author of Shaken, Not Stirred: Living with Parkinson’s Disease. His first-hand perspective on life with Parkinson’s shares learnings, life lessons and personal wisdom. He shares that being diagnosed with a chronic, progressive and incurable disease may not signal the beginning of the end but may, in fact, be the start of a more rewarding, fulfilling and meaningful life.