It’s time Canada had a system of care for people affected by Parkinson’s

Wait times to diagnosis and access to multidisciplinary care are significant concerns in the Parkinson Community. You have been telling Parkinson Canada, your current care team, and government officials that these are priorities and your voice is being heard.

The average wait time for an accurate diagnosis of Parkinson’s is nearly one year, with some areas of the country being more than two years. If you’ve been through it, you know. This wait creates more anxiety, delays the start of treatments and therapies, and delays future planning for families impacted by Parkinson’s.

Parkinson’s is a highly complex disease that requires a range of therapies and approaches to manage symptoms. Although there are some models of care in parts of the country for Parkinson’s, there is no consistent approach to care.

How to include your voice

We are committed to raising the voice of people affected by Parkinson’s through advocacy efforts focused on improving care. No matter what. With thanks to AbbVie Canada for supporting this initiative, we’re hosting a series of roundtables later this year. They’ll involve leading movement disorder specialists, international experts and other key stakeholders including, most importantly, people like you: Canadians living with Parkinson’s to help further understand the access to care gaps and how to solve them.

After a series of roundtable meetings across the country we plan to have tangible solutions for Parkinson Canada, our partners and advocates like you to bring to government to close these gaps in care for people in all stages of the disease.

Be the first to know the outcomes

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