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Become a Parkinson’s Ambassador!

Parkinson Canada is currently recruiting representatives from federal & provincial ridings across Canada to join our Ambassador Network. We are looking for motivated individuals to help move Parkinson’s issues forward. You can be a champion in your community by being the voice for Canadians with Parkinson’s!

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Become a Parkinson Ambassador

What do Parkinson’s Ambassadors do?

  1. Parkinson’s Ambassadors will participate in national, provincial and pan-Canadian government relations and advocacy initiatives
  2. Parkinson’s Ambassadors will have the opportunity to inform of local issues and learn more about our ongoing initiatives
  3. Parkinson’s Ambassadors will be part of a comprehensive national network of volunteers across the country

Throughout the Year

  1. We will help connect Parkinson’s Ambassadors with their local representative in their riding to discuss issues impacting the Parkinson’s community
  2. We will be fully supporting Parkinson’s Ambassadors with election training, prepared messaging, briefings on policy priorities and ongoing guidance throughout the campaign
  3. Parkinson’s Ambassadors may also choose to get involved in other advocacy initiatives at the national and regional levels

What is expected from Parkinson’s Ambassadors?

Access to a Computer and Telephone

  1. We will be communicating and providing materials to Parkinson’s Ambassadors mainly by email
  2. Parkinson’s Ambassadors will participate in training sessions via webinar and teleconference

Time Commitment

  1. Parkinson’s Ambassadors will meet with their local representative in their riding
  2. Parkinson’s Ambassadors will participate in 1-2 hour-long training sessions via webinar and teleconference to prepare for these meetings
  3. Parkinson’s Ambassadors will provide feedback from meetings to we for follow-up

I want to get involved, but am worried about the level of commitment. Can I still be a Parkinson’s Ambassador?

We will tailor the position to meet each person’s needs and availability to ensure all interested applicants can support our advocacy efforts in any way they can.

Whether you are a person living with Parkinson’s, a caregiver to someone with the disease or simply want to help advance the cause, we encourage anyone who wants to make a difference for Canadians affected by Parkinson’s to join our advocacy network.

Where can I get more information?

If you are interested in being a Parkinson’s Ambassador or have further questions about this opportunity, please contact us by email at, or by phone at 1-800-565-3000 ext. 3343.