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What’s happening during Parkinson’s Awareness Month in Canada

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April is Parkinson’s Awareness month, a time to focus on spreading knowledge, understanding and awareness of Parkinson’s disease. It’s also a time for celebrating the stories and courage of people living with Parkinson’s, their care partners and all the people contributing to Parkinson’s research. 

There is a lot going on during Parkinson’s awareness month, here is a snapshot of some events, content and resources for you and your networks. 


Statements of elected officials for Parkinson’s Awareness Month
Elected officials across Canada have issued proclamations declaring April Parkinson’s Awareness month to their constituents. 

Dopamine Dance Against PD
When Barbara Salsberg Mathews tweeted a video of herself dancing on February 25, 2023, she didn’t expect to receive such an amazing response. Within just a few short days, her tweet “Parkinson’s disease can’t stop me from dancing” had received over 15,000 views. It quickly went viral and other people living with Parkinson’s began replying by posting videos of themselves dancing. 

This gave Barbara an idea. Together, with founding PD Avenger member, Richelle Flanagan, Dopamine dance against PD was born. Starting April 3 until World Parkinson’s Day, take a video of yourself dancing and encourage others to do the same using the tags #dancepartypd, #dance4parkinsons and #dopaminedancepd. Learn more about the Dopamine Dance Against PD and how you can take part! 

PD Avengers “The Spark”
The PD Avengers have released a free new digital toolkit for World Parkinson’s Day on April 11 called “The Spark”. This new visual branding will serve as a beacon to inspire change and hope for a world without Parkinson’s. Take a look on their website to see the new imagery and how you can use it. 

Stand Up To Parkinson’s
Exercise is a powerful tool in our fight against Parkinson’s disease. Stand Up To Parkinson’s is a global movement of individuals committed to slowing the progression of Parkinson’s with exercise. On April 11, World Parkinson’s Day, and let’s all stand up to Parkinson’s together by doing as many sit to stands as we can. For more information on how to register and participate check out the website here 

The PD avengers are participating as well, and they have a challenge for you. How many sit to stands can you do in one minute? Check out their challenge and let’s take a stand against PD! 

Insight into Parkinson’s virtual conference
Join the 6th annual insight conference organized by PD warrior. This year will feature over 25 presentations from experts and leaders in a range of fields. It will include updates on the latest research, exercise and nutrition advice, coping mechanisms and stories to improve quality of life.  

Learn how you can attend virtually from April 11-13 here. 

Lighting up for World Parkinson’s Day
Multiple communities around the world will light up their public buildings to celebrate World Parkinson’s Day. This will include town halls, iconic landmarks and other public buildings.  

At Parkinson Canada 

During Parkinson’s Awareness Month, Parkinson Canada will be highlighting the stories of Canadians impacted by Parkinson’s through digital and traditional media. We’ll also work with elected officials to bring awareness to the far-reaching effects of Parkinson’s and the barriers to accessible care available to Canadians through local programs and services. 

Keep an eye on our blog, where we’ll continue to highlight the stories of people living with Parkinson’s, tips and resources, and ways you can get involved. 

We encourage Canadians to help us raise awareness by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, or visiting, and sharing this information and stories within their own networks. By sharing these stories with your friends and family, you can help us raise awareness of Parkinson’s and show support for those impacted by it. On April 11 – World Parkinson’s Day – we’re looking to activate our community and encourage them to easily help spread our message of hope through our ‘digital action toolkit’

This month let’s all come together to raise awareness for everyone affected by Parkinson’s, and for a future without Parkinson’s.