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Recommended reading roundup – 2023 edition

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For some, there’s nothing like the joy that comes from a new book. DYK, reading can help boost your brain power and let you relax!  While there are endless genres and options when it comes to choosing your next read, we’ve created a list of highly rated books and resources related to Parkinson’s that you might find interesting. There is something for everyone, with books detailing progress in the field, biographical experiences and resources for your mental wellness. 

Without further ado, here are our top picks: 

Every Victory Counts:

With contributions by 50 leading Parkinson’s experts, health professionals and Canadians living with Parkinson’s, Every Victory Counts is a comprehensive resource to understand Parkinson’s and take control of your future.

Shaken not stirred:

In this book, Larry Linton takes us through his journey of being diagnosed with Parkinson’s . The story  deftly weaves his grief and trauma with hope and humour to show how he managed to once again find enjoyment and optimism in his life.

Goodbye Parkinson’s, Hello Life!:

For readers looking for something practical, Alex Kerten presents techniques and tools you can use to help combat the symptoms of Parkinson’s. It includes 20 easy-to-follow exercises ranging from dance therapy to martial arts, to help you live your best life.  

Parkinson’s? You’re kidding me right?:

Sharing her 20 year journey with Parkinson’s, Sheryl Jedlinski tells an insightful and sometimes humorous story of the experiences and coping strategies that helped her face her diagnosis with courage, dignity and grace.

Parkinson’s Disease for Dummies:

Whether the diagnosis is for you, or a loved one, this book is an excellent resource and starting point. It will answer many of your questions and provide guidance on staying sharp, in shape and managing your stress.

Grab the Spark:

Joe W. van Koeverden takes us through his experiences with Parkinson’s Disease. He provides a positive message, including uplifting short stories and poems.

Ending Parkinson’s Disease: A Prescription for Action:

In this book, top experts provide tips to improve care and treatment, and discuss ending the silence associated with Parkinson’s.

Shaky Hands – A Kid’s Guide To Parkinson’s Disease:

Parkinson’s affects the whole family, not just the person who is diagnosed. This children’s book can help your kids understand what Parkinson’s is, and answer many of the questions they may have in an open and understandable way.

The PD Movers – We Keep Moving Storybook:

This free online storybook contains a collection of experiences of black individuals and care partners who are living and thriving with Parkinson’s. The authors hope it will serve as a useful resource to help others thrive as well. Many people have found their voice as authors because of Parkinson’s disease. The above resources provide something for everyone, whether you are looking for inspiration, information or support.