National Clinical Trials Day

Parkinson’s resources for International Clinical Trials Day

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May 20th is International Clinical Trials Day, a chance to celebrate how clinical trials improve our health and to learn more about the process of participating in trials. In recognition of this day, we’ve gathered a list of Parkinson’s-specific info so you know what is happening in Parkinson’s clinical trials and how to get involved. 

national clinical trials day

Presently, there are twenty-nine clinical trials recruiting in different parts of the country. You can use the Clinical Trials Finder tool above to search for a trial in your area or contact our Information and Referral team for assistance at or 1-888-664-1974. 

If there isn’t a clinical trial happening in your area, there are lots of other ways to participate in research. 

To continue to stay informed on the latest in research news visit our website at and look for our Research News and Updates page. 

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