Parkinson Canada and Catalyst Healthcare announce partnership focused on promoting medication adherence for Canadians with Parkinson’s

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Toronto, ON (April 20, 2021) — As a trusted partner and advisor for Canadians with Parkinson’s, Parkinson Canada has been focusing on the importance of proper medication management when speaking with people impacted by Parkinson’s and healthcare professionals. The primary message of its ACT on Time® campaign is that people with Parkinson’s disease need to get their medication on time, at home, in an emergency room, in a long-term care facility, every time.

Given the individual nature of Parkinson’s and unique medication regimens, adherence to one’s personal schedule is critical to achieving good health outcomes and to living well with the disease. That’s why Parkinson Canada is proud to partner with Catalyst to increase awareness of digital health tools that help Canadians with Parkinson’s manage the timing and complexity of their medications.

“In 2017 the first Canadian—a grandfather with Parkinson’s disease—welcomed our spencer medication dispenser into his home. Since then, we proudly work with amazing pharmacists, caregivers, and patients to help medications be taken as prescribed. Catalyst is excited to partner Parkinson Canada which embodies the goal of living well with Parkinson’s,” says Shane Bishop, CEO of Catalyst.

Catalyst has always focused on improving peoples lives through medication management. Our digital health tools are life-changing and make it possible for people with Parkinson’s Disease to receive care from their pharmacist like never before. The spencer in-home medication dispenser manages medication adherence and connects patients, caregivers and pharmacists via notifications and two-way communication. MyMedTimes turns mobile phones into powerful medication managers, guiding which medications to take and when, allowing pharmacists to monitor and to intervene as necessary.

Through this partnership, Catalyst has made a commitment to share a percentage of proceeds from these digital health tools and to support Parkinson Canada and the Parkinson Canada SuperWalk annually.

“At Parkinson Canada we are focused on building partnerships with organizations across the Parkinson’s space, and Catalyst presents such a strong alignment for us,” says Karen Lee, President & CEO of Parkinson Canada. “Their pharmacy-programmed medication reminder and dispensing tools help people with Parkinson’s get their medications on time, every time. Through this partnership we’ll be promoting the use of spencer and MyMedTimes, but more than that we’ll be able to drive home the message to people with Parkinson’s and healthcare providers alike that medications on time, every time are a priority for Canadians with Parkinson’s.”

About Parkinson Canada

Parkinson Canada believes that there is strength in numbers, there is hope in research, and there is support all around Canadians living with Parkinson’s. It celebrates and supports the resilience of Canadians with Parkinson’s: No Matter What.

Parkinson Canada provides services and education to their families, and the healthcare professionals who treat them. Since 1965, the organization advocates on issues that concern the Parkinson’s community in Canada. The Parkinson Canada National Research Program funds innovative research for better treatments and a cure. A national registered charity, Parkinson Canada fulfils its mission through the generosity of donors and is an accredited organization under the Imagine Canada Standards Program since 2013. Parkinson Canada participates in numerous coalitions and partnerships to effectively fulfil its mission.


About Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s affects over 100,000 Canadians, a number expected to increase substantially in the coming years, with 25 Canadians diagnosed each day. That means that every hour, of every day, another Canadian hears the words: “You have Parkinson’s disease.” For people newly diagnosed, Parkinson Canada SuperWalk is a great opportunity to meet others living with the disease, their families, and to begin to build a supportive network.

Continued support is needed in order to fund research to find a cure. Since 1981, the generosity of its donors has enabled Parkinson Canada to invest more than $30 million in over 580 research projects.

Parkinson Canada is a founding partner with Brain Canada, of the Canadian Open Parkinson Network (C-OPN), which gives investigators access to unprecedented data and supports large scale, multidisciplinary research projects that would not be possible at a single research site.

About Catalyst

Catalyst is an award-winning technology company who’s patented AdhereNet® platform links pharmacists, patients, and care teams to manage drug complexity and improve medication adherence. Catalyst’s connected technologies gather, share and correlate data in real-time, allowing pharmacists to better serve their patients and to play a key role in population health. For more information please visit


Jon Collins, VP Marketing and Fundraising
Parkinson Canada
Kasumi Oda, VP Marketing
Catalyst Healthcare
(250) 469-3411

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