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It’s easy to help people living with Parkinson’s thanks to our new fundraising platform

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Just like how everyone’s experience living with Parkinson’s is unique, your way of making a difference for the community is unique, too. Fundraising Your Way is a do-it-yourself digital toolbox that helps support you in making an impact in the way you want to — your fundraiser, your way 

How it works 

Fundraising Your Way is a place where you can create your own unique fundraising event to support the 100,000 people living with Parkinson’s in Canada, and it’s your one stop resource to plan and build your own Parkinson Canada fundraising event. You’ll receive your very own event toolkit, designed to fit the type, scale, and concept of your event. You can choose from our four different event types or get creative and plan something all your own: 

  1. Active – Active fundraisers allow you to track your fitness in addition to your fundraising progress. 
  2. Livestream – Engaging support with a livestream can provide inclusive opportunities for people with Parkinson’s.  
  3. Tribute – Set up a donation page in honour of someone living with Parkinson’s or the legacy of a loved one. 
  4. Custom – Put your fundraising ideas to work by setting up a personalized fundraising page that expresses your creativity to help raise funds and awareness for Parkinson’s. 

If you’re passionate about the cause but are looking for a quick and easy way to raise funds for Canadians impacted by Parkinson’s, you can use Facebook Fundraising. This is done by adding a donate button to your Facebook page and posts. 

There are also several tools to choose from to help you execute your fundraiser, including posters, forms, templates, information such as event ideas and checklists you might need.  

Some “inspo” to get you started 

If you’re thinking about starting a fundraiser, you’ll be in great company! Below are inspirational fundraisers who have positively impacted the lives of Canadians living with Parkinson’s and inspire us: 

Rudy and Artemis Erfle – Rudy’s Run 

Jim Peters – Chipping in for Parkinson’s 

Kevin Farmer – Drums for Parkinson’s 

Claire Giallonardo – Facebook Fundraising 

We can’t do it without you 

“Every day our Events Team has the pleasure of speaking with individuals who share interesting and unique ways to fundraise and raise awareness for Parkinson Canada. Fundraising Your Way is a platform that allows everyone with a connection to Parkinson’s to turn their ideas, passions, and hobbies into a fundraiser. The new website makes fundraising simple and fun, and our team is here to help you with your ideas – big or small!”, says Scott McMillan, Parkinson Canada’s director of events.To learn more about Fundraising Your Way and to get started, visit the website 

If you have any questions, please reach out to our events team by email at or by calling 1-800-565-3000.