Détails de l'événement

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    ACCESS St Boniface
    3rd Floor - 170 Goulet St

NOTICE: Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, this event is postponed until further notice. We will post a new date and time for this event to take place, if feasible, before SuperWalk in September.

Are You Ready to ROCK?


Winnipeg Rocks is a group of people on Facebook that paints and hides rocks. As they say…
“It’s about creativity, community and brightening someone’s day.”
Please check out their page at www.facebook.com/groups/WinnipegRocks/.

This year, we would like to invite you, your family and your friends to join us as we paint as many rocks as possible. These rocks will be stamped with the Parkinson Canada website on the back and hidden – by you – along the walk route on September 14th during the walk. (You can still paint rocks if you are not attending the walk. Someone else will hide them.)
You can paint any designs, pictures and/or words on your rocks. We would like to encourage you to use happy, encouraging and uplifting messages and even try to promote Parkinson’s awareness in your designs. (Example: Rock painted with an owl or red tulip and the words, Educate Yourself.)

Rocks will be varnished and brought to Winnipeg SuperWalk for you and others to pick up for hiding.

Contact information

Donna Greening
1-800-565-3000 Ext 3440