Parkinson Canada Impact Report 2022

2022 – A year of collaboration and innovation

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Every dollar invested, every hour volunteered and every message of support brought us closer to the future we envision: one in which every person living with Parkinson’s in Canada is empowered and inspired to live well; and eventually, a future without Parkinson’s. It’s a future we’re creating together. And we can’t thank you enough. 

People with Parkinson’s will always be at the centre of everything we do. That’s why we are thrilled to share what you helped us accomplish for the Parkinson’s community in our 2022 Impact Report. 

Your 2022 impact

Our community of supporters is growing, and so is our collective impact. 

Here are just a few incredible ways our community of donors, partners, volunteers and champions impacted people with Parkinson’s across Canada in 2022: 

  • You helped us partner and collaborate to drive research innovation that provides hope for people with Parkinson’s by awarding more than $1.6 million in research funding. 
  • You impacted more people on their Parkinson’s journey with the launch of the first-ever Canadian Edition of Every Victory Counts, providing tools and inspiration to help people live well. 
  • You raised the voice of people with Parkinson’s, enabling us to delve deeper into our Provincial Advocacy Roundtable Reports to gain valuable insights that are driving our advocacy efforts. 

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